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Here are some handy tips and useful information to help you when planning your filming trip to Russia. Each project is different so get in touch to discuss your plans.
Several years ago production companies outside Russia could apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get accreditation for filming. But now, the Ministry of Foreign Affair makes accreditation only to Mass Media (TV channels) upon request from senior officials of those organisations. In terms of TV and film production companies, they are no longer on this list.

They are required to make a proper visa which may only be issued on the basis of a formal invitation letter issued by the organisation authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We cooperate with such organisation which is known as the most reliable among filmmakers who come to film in Russia. Additionally, you can be given an official letter from this organisation that can be used as a supportive document during your filming in Russia.
Visas and Accreditation
You are allowed to film on the streets of Russia, parks, monuments. But some places demand permits such as Red Square. Also airports, train stations and railways, metro, museums, theatres, cafes and restaurants and churches. Please check with us where you intend to film.

In order to obtain permits, an official letter should be written to the proper organisation. We recommend doing it well in advance, at least 2 weeks before your actual filming. Some agreements may take even longer, and it has to be identified in each particular case.
Some areas, for example Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district, you need to get a border permit for which you should apply 2 months before you plan your trip. 
Border Permits
Local authorities Support
If you make the right contact within the local authorities, you will find they are usually very excited to take part in filmmaking projects by international crews. They can be very happy to help with transportation and setting up meetings with the right people. A lot of these people do it for no reward but because they want to show the best parts of their area. If we do not already have a contact in the area you wish to film we can always find the right person with a little research.
If you bring in professional video equipment, choose the proven way to move business goods to foreign lands – the ATA carnet – without paying duties and import taxes. You should also provide the customs with a letter to prove that the equipment you bring in Russia belongs to you.
Useful Information
Foreign Currencies
If you have cash that is more than $3000, you need to declare it, so when you leave the country you can prove you're not taking the money out of Russia.
Professional Equipment
Visa registration
According to Russian visa registration laws, every foreign citizen who comes to Russia should have his Russian visa registered within 7 working days upon arrival, excluding holidays and weekends. If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel administration will supply you with the visa registration which is a special piece of paper that you should keep in your passport with your immigration card given to you at the airport. This paper confirms that your registration has been submitted.
Moscow offers a great variety of hotels. The standard price for a single room in a central hotel is 150 euro. If you have a small budget, we can arrange you a mini hotel located in a nice area and only in 15 min away from the center at a better price (65 euro).
There are 3 airports in Moscow: Sheremetievo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo

From each of these airports you can get on a train AEROEXPRESS and get directly to the central metro station within 40 min. One way ticket is 400 rubles. In Moscow it really is the best way to get to the center as traffic is often busy and may take longer than 1-2 hours. But if you are coming with a big crew and equipment, we can arrange a mini bus.
Link to the website of aeroexpress where you can buy the ticket on-line
We know how important it is to find a café where the crew can get served fast, so not to lose precious filming time as well as not being very expensive. Such places are mainly canteens where you can choose the food yourself and pay straightaway.  In most cities of Russia there are a lot of places like this  (Grabli, Mu-Mu, etc.). The most popular and favourite dishes among film crews in our experience are borsch, solyanka, golubcy, bliny (pancakes).
Cafes and Restaurants
In Russia it is up to you to leave a tip or not, and the amount of the tip can be determined by you. It is normal 10% if you are happy with the service and food you have ordered.
Note: The information given on this page is correct at the time of publication. Things can change at any time so please check by contacting us. We strive to keep this information as up to date as possible.
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