Alyona Pimanova

Principal / Producer
Moscow, Russia

Alyona is experienced in producing social, historical and observational documentaries, entertaining TV programs and promotional videos.
Her goal is to create a safe working environment for the crew and hire the right team to execute the client’s vision.

Alyona has worked for: Discovery Channel, TLC, BBC, National Geographic, Viasat Broadcasting, Breakthrough Films & Television, CTN Communications, Associated Press, interakt, CAPA.

Dan Smith

Principal / Producer / Creative Director
London, England and Moscow, Russia

Dan brings creativity to production and plays an important role in development of new projects.

Trained in fine art and graphic design, and having explored practical filmmaking and visual effects allows him to approach video projects with a deeper understanding. 

He can write, edit, storyboard, design and animate. 
Video production services in Russia
"I have sent crew all over the world, and for filming in Russia I’ve found that crews request Alyona.  She’s thorough and professional to work with, giving me (from my office in North America) the confidence that everything is well in hand."

Leanne Brennan - Producer
Breakthrough TV
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